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Message From The President - 2015

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March 2015

The Oneonta RC Flyers is proudly the same Gold Leader organization that it started out as. The personality of the club may change as members come and go but the purpose and dedication of the club’s membership is solid. We love and promote the building and operation of radio controlled model aircraft. What could be as pretty as seeing a Taylorcraft or a Piper do a stall turn in a clear blue sky.

In talking to a lot of you over the summer, I heard a lot of good input. An extra safety stand at the field is needed. Setting a specific time for training, would allow the people that due the training, a time of their own to fly. Some want to have a fly on the National Model Aviation Day. Some want to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project. Those are just some of the ideas that were mentioned. Please keep bringing your ideas forward. Ideas are where great things start.

March begins a new term for the club’s elected officials. We will begin by having an executive session before the March meeting. I am hoping we can have a vision for the upcoming flying season. Discussion will be centered around improvements, activities, and goals for the year.

Spring is a rejuvenation of life. It also brings a new start to the hobby we love.

Keep safe and keep flying;

Mike Jones
President ORCF


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