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National Model Aviation Day Open House at Ross Field Aug 13 from 10 AM to 3 PM

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ORCF club flying days are Wednesday and Sunday. Ross Field is open to all AMA members and their guests. AMA cards are required to fly. Non AMA guests can fly with an AMA certified “Intro Pilot” instructor. Come fly with us!! The Oneonta RC Flyers monthly meetings are held at Ross Field on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start promptly at 7pm. Flying is encouraged before and after the meetings. Note: Winter meetings are at Fox Care.

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Catching A "Flying Bug"?

We'd love to have you come out to the flying field with us and maybe even get a free flying lesson. Our club has over thirty energetic R/C Model Aircraft enthusiasts. If you are interested in airplanes, helicopters or anything that flies, Come Join Us!!!
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Model Airplane News

  • — 1/3-Scale B-25 Mitchell Bomber — 22 feet of RC Excitment

    Imagine the exciting feeling of flying a big giant scale RC bomber at a warbird event. Now super size that feeling with a 1/3-scale, 270 inch span Mitchell B-25! That’s more than 22 feet and powered by a pair of big 400cc 5-cylinder radial gas engines. This amazing RC monster...

  • — Flying with Flaps — What you need to know

    Sooner or later you may want to try your hand at flying a scale subject.  Since most full-size aircraft use flaps, many scale model also require them for true scale operations and function. A scale model with  flaps fully deployed is a cool sight. If you have never flow a model...

  • — Functional Scale Cockpit Hatch

    When it comes to RC Golden Age racers, no one does  flying models better than the world recognized  guru of scale Gee Bees – Henry Haffke. When I teamed up with Henry to build the 1/3-scale version of his Howard DGA-5 “Ike” Golden Age racer, I added several  details that a racer this size...

  • — RC Workshop Secrets — Scale Aircraft Rivets & Screws Video

    UK master modeler Phil Noel knows aircraft rivets and screws. After retiring from the full-size aviation industry, his company Pinnacle Aviation custom-builds composite model kits as well as offering painting, weathering and repair service. In this video, he shows how he creates rivets on and applies scale screws to a Comp-ARF Spitfire and a Jet Legends L-39 Albatross.  Thanks to Pete...

  • — Folding Propeller Adapter Assembly With Blade Stopper

    From Esprit Tech: Specifically developed for electric pusher applications of UAV, FPV or scale/sport airplanes where crossing blades on start-up can be catastrophic. Fiberglass blade stopper uses aluminum yoke for support and securely locks on the 5mm motor shaft. Combo comes with Fiberglass Blade Stopper, 5/8mm (M8) Prop Shaft Adapter...

  • — 60 plus Photos from Florida Jets — Some extra highlights that did not get into the article.

    Long time MAN contributor and expert RC Jet enthusiast Rich Uravitch went to Paradise Field in Lakeland Florida to cover all the action for us at the 2017 Florida Jets event. Rich’s article is published in the upcoming July issue of MAN and even though we printed a lot of...

  • — RQ-180 Stealth UAV — Build your Own Unmanned U.S. Air Force Drone

    I have always been fascinated by flying wings that seem to defy flight as we know it. I was looking for an airframe to use for first-person-view experiments and the advantages of a flying wing kept coming up. Then I read about the RQ-180, the U.S. Air Force’s newest top...

  • — How To Use The Spektrum Audio Editor [VIDEO]

    From Spektrum: Check out the features of the Spektrum Audio Editor with Spektrum RC Brand Manager, John Diniz. In this video John shows you how to download the audio editor program then import or create your own audio files. Also learn how to upload the custom audio files for use...

  • — Tips On How To Start A DLE Engine [VIDEO]

    From Hobbico: Knowing the proper steps to start a DLE Engine ensures that you, your engine, and your model stay safe. This step by step video shows you how to safely start a DLE Engine and includes troubleshooting tips for correcting some common engine problems. Visit See more posts...

  • — Keep your Engine Happy — Basic Care and Feeding of Gas Carburetors

    One of the great features that make giant scale RC airplanes so popular, is the bulletproof user-friendly nature of the Walbro carburetors used with most of the gas engines powering them. Once a gas engine is properly adjusted, its carburetor usually won’t need to be tweaked again for most, if not...






















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