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ORCF club flying days are Wednesday and Sunday. Ross Field is open to all AMA members and their guests. AMA cards are required to fly. Non AMA guests can fly with an AMA certified “Intro Pilot” instructor. Come fly with us!! The Oneonta RC Flyers monthly meetings are held at Ross Field on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start promptly at 7pm. Flying is encouraged before and after the meetings. Note: Winter meetings are at Fox Care.

ORCF Airshow Cancelled

The Oneonta RC Flyers 23rd Annual Air Show slated for Aug 1 - 3 is cancelled. Ross Field is a wonderful place to fly. Unfortunately it does not accommodate campers and large crowds. We are searching for a site for next year’s show. If you have or know of a location that has a flat area and will fit campers please let us know by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Catching A "Flying Bug"?

We'd love to have you come out to the flying field with us and maybe even get a free flying lesson. Our club has over thirty energetic R/C Model Aircraft enthusiasts. If you are interested in airplanes, helicopters or anything that flies, Come Join Us!!!
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Model Airplane News

  • — Prepare for landing!

    Prepare for landing!

    Someone told me once that landing is the only maneuver that we fly that is absolutely mandatory. If you think about it, this makes complete sense. We don’t have to take off, but once we do, the...

  • — Flitework Red Bull Planes

    Flitework Red Bull Planes

    RC Red Bull air racers? Count us in! We are so excited to get our hands on these bad boys we can’t wait! Some of these are larger built-up planes, and there are smaller foam...

  • — Half-Scale Christen Eagle

    Half-Scale Christen Eagle

    With its distinctive multi-color feather motif, the Christen Eagle has been impressing airshow attendees for over 40 years. But when’s the last time you saw a 55% RC model perform? Lucky for us, the father and son team...

  • — HobbyKing AC-10 Gyrocopter EPO 1320mm (PNF)

    HobbyKing AC-10 Gyrocopter EPO 1320mm (PNF)

    For those of you looking for a new flying experience, the AC-10 Gyrocopter is just the ticket. This model will be especially appealing to those who fly both helicopters and fixed...

  • — HobbyKing J-10 Vigorous Dragon 105mm EDF 956mm (PNF)

    HobbyKing J-10 Vigorous Dragon 105mm EDF 956mm (PNF)

    The J-10 is a multirole fighter aircraft designed and produced for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Known in the West as the “Vigorous Dragon”, the...

  • — Hitec Q-Cop 450 Quadcopter

    Hitec Q-Cop 450 Quadcopter

    Hitec is proud to introduce our first multirotor, the Q-Cop 450. With its aerodynamic design, incredible flight stability and autopilot return function, this high performance quadcopter brings ultra-performance flying excitement to your own backyard. Equipped...

  • — Multiplex Connector Solder Couplers

    Multiplex Connector Solder Couplers

    These solder couplers provide a larger area for solder contact than soldering directly to the connector pins. They also provide strain relief for your servo and power leads at the connector. Easy to install, these...

  • — DLA 64cc-I2 In-Line Twin Engine

    DLA 64cc-I2 In-Line Twin Engine

    Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc., the USA Distributor, Sales and Service Center for DLA Engines, announces the new DLA 64cc-I2 In-Line, Twin Cylinder Engine. Designed using the esteemed 32cc components and CNC machined...

  • — FAA can regulate RC aircraft

    FAA can regulate RC aircraft

    In a much anticipated decision, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled that the FAA has the power to hold drone operators accountable when they operate remote-control aircraft recklessly. In 2011, the FAA had...

  • — Custom Vinyl Graphics

    Custom Vinyl Graphics

    The opportunities, tools, and techniques to finish, customize, and personalize your aircraft have never been better. Whether your model is scratch-built, kit-built, or an ARF, your creativity combined with a computer, a local sign shop, and vinyl...

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