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National Model Aviation Day Open House at Ross Field Aug 13 from 10 AM to 3 PM

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ORCF club flying days are Wednesday and Sunday. Ross Field is open to all AMA members and their guests. AMA cards are required to fly. Non AMA guests can fly with an AMA certified “Intro Pilot” instructor. Come fly with us!! The Oneonta RC Flyers monthly meetings are held at Ross Field on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start promptly at 7pm. Flying is encouraged before and after the meetings. Note: Winter meetings are at Fox Care.

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Catching A "Flying Bug"?

We'd love to have you come out to the flying field with us and maybe even get a free flying lesson. Our club has over thirty energetic R/C Model Aircraft enthusiasts. If you are interested in airplanes, helicopters or anything that flies, Come Join Us!!!
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Model Airplane News

  • — B-17 with smoke on!

    There’s no doubt about it, adding smoke to any scale airplane jacks up the excitment factor. This team scale entry from Bret Bowling and Dan Givney put on quite a show with their Flying Fortress and four tails of smoke. Powered by four Saito .100 4-stroke glow engines, the bomber...

  • — Road to Top Gun — Roger Niolet’s Nieuport 28 C.1

    Involved with RC nearly all his life, Roger Niolet from Sarasota FL have been involved in competition flying RC airplanes for the last 10 years. This year Roger will again be flying his Nieuport 28 C.1 as a Team Scale entry. The builder of the Nieuport is David Barry worked...

  • — Radio Programming Made Easy

    There are some basic radio programming features that all pilots should know to improve their airplane’s performance, and they can be used on any airplane to make flying more enjoyable. When these features are used and programmed correctly, you will experience a faster rate of learning and better results. These...

  • — Fuel Systems Made Easy

    Radio control model airplanes rely on two basic systems to fly, the radio system and the power system (excluding gliders). Whether you have a nitro-burning glow engine or a high-octane, gasoline-sipping powerplant, if your engine loses its fuel supply, you’ll find yourself in a dead-stick situation with a plane that...

  • — Road to Top Gun — Dean Copeland’s L-39 Albatros

    Coming to Top Gun from Omaha, NE., Dean Copeland will be flying his impressive Aero L-39 Albatros. This will be Dean’s 10th year competing at Top Gun, and his first year flying a jet in the Pro Jet class. The plane is a BVM 1/5th scale L-39 Albatros, it has...

  • — Air Superiority in Action!

    Check out this 1/6-scale F-16 Fighting Falcon put on a show at the Long Marston Airfield in England during the Jet Modellers Association Meet. Flying in 20mph winds, pilot and builder Steve Johnson does a terrific job landing on the jet’s narrow gear. Built from a Jet Legend kit, the 98-inch-long...

  • — Fly a Reverse Cuban-8 From the Top with Half Rolls

    When I first started aerobatic competition, symmetrical maneuvers that combined various elements were of the most complex to perform both precisely and consistently. Let’s take the loop, for example. While it may be fairly straightforward to perform a single loop, try flying a vertical 8, which is an inside loop...

  • — Crash Repair: 5 Quick & Easy Fixes

    One of the apprehensions all pilots experience is knowing our planes are at risk every time they take to the air. Then there is a real sense of accomplishment when the plane makes it safely back to terra firma. As our confidence builds, we start doing maneuvers closer to the...

  • — LiPo care and feeding — Get the most from your battery packs

    When it comes to electric aircraft, one of the key components is your battery pack. It is the only power source to keep your aircraft in the air, requires constant maintenance, and if not watched it will most likely be the first thing that needs to be replaced. But with...

  • — How to: Weather an ARF Warbird

    No doubt about it, among warbirds, the Vought F4U Corsair ranks way up near the top as a favorite with modelers. The bent-wing bird, as it’s often called, has a look like no other WW II fighter. From its big, round cowl through its aft cockpit to its unique inverted...






















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